About Maysan Auto Sales of Cortland, OH

Maysan Auto Sales is a small family owned and operated Business located in the heart of the beautiful City of Cortland in North Eastern Ohio. The City of Cortland was recently ranked the 5th safest city in Ohio. We take pride in serving are our local and out of state customers.

We specialize in selling Out-of-State, clean, reliable, well-maintained fleet vehicles primerily Passenger Vans (Ford Econoline, GMC Savanas, Chevy Express, and Dodge Maxi Wagons). We also carry other fleet vehicles suc as Ford P71s, Dodge Chargers, Chevy Impalas, Chevy Caprice, and much more.

Over 20 years of experience in selecting the cleanest, most reliable, and well taken care of fleet units directly from the source.

What sets us apart from other dealerships, we dedicate our time to cherry pick every single unit directly from the source. Almost every unit in our lot is purchased from warmer states making sure they are Rust Free!!!

We inspect and test drive every unit, repair any known mechanical issues, and we disclose any repairs that may be needed to customers before purcahse. 

Due to COVID-19 we now serve our customers by Appointments Only. To setup an appointment or for question and information please contact Neil at either number 773-255-9856 (cell) or 330-333-5931 (office).

Thank you so much and we sincerely appreciate your time and interest.